The Punch From Blount

Im not sure how I came across this old story, but I am glad I did.  LeGarret Blount of the Oregon football team punched a player from the Boise State team in 2009.  Blount is black, and Hout (from Boise) was white.  It is pretty evident that what Hout says is not racist, but just general trash talking after the game.  Hout also touches Blount, as he walks with his head down, before he runs by him and yells in his ear.  Now Hout was dealt with internally by the coaching staff, who knows what his punishment was, if there was any at all.  Blount was suspended for the remainder of his senior season.  I am not condoning Blount’s actions, he did the wrong thing.  But what I want to examine is how he was treated by fans on his way out of the stadium, and how people have responding to the incident.

On his way out of the stadium he is confronted by a large crowd of white Boise State fans, they are all screaming and yelling directly at him.  Its hard to tell what they are saying, but they are definitely jeering and pointing at Blount.  One man follows him as he walks father down and screams something at him.  But there is a point at which one of the fans Blount walks by says something that makes Blount turn back and confront the man.  As Blount does this one man grabs a chair and holds it in front of him as another fan actually hits Blount.  This sets him off as he is then carried out by police officers.  It just feels wrong watching this, especially because the entire crowd surrounding him is white.  The crowd members are holding chairs and slapping him as he nears the stands, and who knows what they actually said to him.  I cannot help but think that the crowds actions were racially charged, its hard not to get that feeling when watching the event unfold.

The second thing I wanted to adress was how Blount’s actions were treated in the blogging community and social media community.  A blogger on the website Bleacher Report wrote an article about questioning whether Hout was also at fault, not particularly on the same level but at fault nonetheless.  The blogger is ripped apart in the comment section.  These are direct quotes from the comment section. “What Blount did is act like a criminal… Nobody deserves to be treated the way Hout was treated. It is inhumane.” Interesting word choice from this commenter.  I doubt that he is even aware of these racially charged comments.  When the author responded saying he thought Blount should be forgiven because of his sincere apology, other comments flooded in proclaiming that Blount should have charged with battery and assaulting a police officer.  Over and over again people comment on how criminal Blount is and how victimized Hout was.  Anytime someone tried to suggest Hout take responsibility for his actions, he is responded to with an angry comment.  On youtube videos i gets even worse.  “No reason to be sorry. There’s a difference between Normal people and N*****s. he’s a N****R. He talked shit, did horrible, then sucker punched someone.” “Hes a n****r he doesnt know better!”  I’m starting to see that some people are better at hiding their racial biases and hate, while others are either unaware or just do a better job at hiding them.

Interesting to see how someone like Hout, who is clearly at fault for his actions is so vehemently defended by the public.  When Blount who is clearly at fault for his actions as well is punished severely, then mocked and ridiculed by fans after the game.

Do you see him fighting any cops? I see him talking back to fans, but I guess this is how the poster saw it…


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