NFL and its Objectifying of Women

There are 32 teams in the NFL, only 7 teams have realized how NFL Cheerleaders objectify women as sex objects.  Cheerleading at the high school and college level is competitive and requires athletic skills.  NFL cheerleading has developed from the athletic and competitive stage to now what is called the dallas cowgirl model of cheerleading.  Scantily clad women doing suggestive dance moves, basically sex symbols.  Here is a little comparison of what cheerleading used to be, and now what a current NFL cheerleader looks like.













Some NFL owners and organizations have recognized this change in the cheerleading landscape and have abandoned their cheerleading programs.  New York Giants co owner John Mara had this to say on why his team will not have cheerleaders, “Philosophically we have always had issues with sending scantily clad women out on the field to entertain our fans..Each team has got to make its own decision on that…Some teams are comfortable with not only having cheerleaders but selling cheerleader swimsuit calendars or in a couple cases lingerie calendars. It’s not something you’re going to see the Giants do. Not while I’m around, anyway.”  His view on this issue is not common, 26 teams still use cheerleaders.

Cheerleading is not the only way that the NFL uses women to add sexual appeal to the game.  In a promotional video for monday night football actress Nicole Sheridan was shown in the mens locker room, wearing only a towel, with wide receiver Terrell Owens.  In order to keep Owens in the locker room she drops her towel.  The NFL hires supermodels to promote games, sing catchy songs, and entertain the males in attendance.  This sexualization of women in professional football has also changed how female journalists and other professional women are treated in the NFL scene.  Female journalist Ines Sainz was catcalled and whistled at when she attended a football practice to interview a player.  The way that women are sexualized in the NFL has created an atmosphere in which women who surround the NFL have lost their professional roles and taken on sexually oriented ones.


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