Using Sports to Create the Other

This video is a clear attempt at humor, but it fails to be humorous at all.  In fact this video that was aired on Fox Sports is one of the most disgusting things that I have ever watched.

This video is an attempt at humor like I said, but all it does is make the Asian “the other.”  It attempts to do this through the knowledge of sports.  Here are several things about this video that I find the most appalling.

1.  Bob Oshacks’ (the reporter) mocking of the students language and pronunciation.

Clearly these students are not native english speakers.  Oshack constantly is correcting the students english, mocking the way that they say words, and clearly mishearing the words that they say on purpose.  Several times he says, “what I cant understand you,” followed with a laugh.  He puts students in the spotlight and gives them phrases to say, and when they misspeak or mess up he corrects them in a mocking tone.

2.  The Editing

Why is it necessary to show the students mistake and mispronunciations?  They purposely left all these events in the video to show that these students were not “American,” and the other.  I feel as if these segments were left in the video to purposely humiliate the students and their lack of knowledge about the sporting world.

3.  The people at FOX deciding to air this.

How could the people at FOX making this video and coming up with this idea think that this would be well received?  Why  did no one watch this and say, this is very racist and demeaning?  How could such ignorance and hate go unnoticed by the people at FOX?  If this video was meant to focus on American Football, then why does it seem to me like a racial profiling parade.

This video clearly states that to be a true American, one must be white, well spoken, and have a deep knowledge of college football.  Clearly, to the makers of this video these students are truly Americans or Americanized, and thus, not really a part of our society.  They could have interviewed any number of people, white, black, or hispanic, and I guarantee you that many of those students would have responded in the same way these Asian students did.  This video just serves to portray Asians in America as the other, primarily through their lack of knowledge of American Football.  This attempt at humor disgusts me, and served to humiliate the Asian students at USC.


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