Home Team Racism And Crowds

I have neglected to write a post that encompasses the rest of the world, other then the United States.  So here goes.  The great soccer club Chelsea F.C., based in London has ran into a major problem.  When 22 year old striker Daniel Sturridge took the field in a recent match, he was called a monkey by a fan sitting right behind the bench.  This is disturbing on many levels.  Sturridge is a promising young player who has competed for his country and club team on many levels.  So why would a fan of Chelsea decided to call one of their players a racial slur?  Maybe he did not realize how ignorant and racist that term is, but thats unlikely.  I believe that the reason that this man decided to use this racist term is that he felt comfortable saying that in his current environment.  Many people will use racist slang or terms when they feel that they are in the company of a crowd who would not be offended by the use of that slang.  If I am right, what does that say about the condition of soccer in England.  Why would a middle aged white male feel that it is okay to call a black man a “monkey?”  Again, this is just my opinion, so take it for what its worth.  The silver lining to this story is the man who was sitting near the man who made this comment.  The man who was sitting near the man was so offended by the remark that he sent an email to the club’s president.  I guess that not everyone in the crowd was okay with that mans blatant racism.


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