Controversial But Interesting

Doing some research on the Michael Vick story regarding his crimes involving dog fighting I came across a very interesting article.  Very interesting, and very controversial.  The author, Melissa Harris-Perry writes about the history of African Americans and animal rights.  I am going to link the article at the bottom of this post but I thought I would give you the basics of the article.  Perry gives us a detailed description of how American racism may have led people to come to different conclusions when judging Michael Vick for his crimes.  African Americans were used as slave labor, viewed as sub human, on the same levels as dogs and other animals.  African Americans have had dogs used against them numerous times during the struggle for civil rights.  Therefore she writes, that certain African American communities may be complicit in the abuse of animals, because of the racism and abuse that Blacks have faced in our country.  Another point she makes is that some African Americans feel that the general population cares more about animals and pets then they do about African Americans.  She references the images of animals and pets being airlifted out of New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, while many civilians are stranded.

After thinking about this topic for a while I am starting to see how this may influence the way certain people view animal cruelty.  But this in no way justifies or makes the actions of ANY person who abuses animals acceptable.  Just something to think about, I recommend you take a look at the full article.



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